We were two people caught in a familiar cycle. Young and passive with our lives and our relationships. Avoidant of change and the uncertainty that inevitably follows. We moved through life cautiously, protecting an image of security and sensibility, disregarding the desire for more. 

And while it could hardly be considered a choice, our paths converged. When that happened, it became clear a beautiful space existed between us. A space filled with time, love and a feeling we had been here before - together. To some this was dark and painful, for others it was inevitable. But for us, it was life changing. We unceremoniously escaped familiarity. Departed from everything we knew and every expectation we had. We even stepped away from each other just to be sure. Saying goodbye for what could have been forever. 

Individually lost and confused, we took the time apart to learn how to love ourselves wholly before trying to love one another. And even as we questioned it endlessly (through sleepless nights and expensive counseling) our love for each other remained. Stronger than both of us, and patient when it needed to be. When we finally turned back to each other, with open hearts and clearer minds, we knew with certainty - this is the person I will spend the rest of my life with. 

And through every emotion - the pain, the passion, the fervor, the rapture - we wrote, to balance our minds and attempt to make them whole. Today we continue to write. And not just regarding our own self-awareness and personal growth. As we travel, read, and explore new ideas, words help us navigate. We contemplate, discuss and write. Improving our understanding and formulating new opinions. Words are our outlet, and this blog is our platform to share them.